Add specimens
with greater speed and accuracy
Create Customized Racks

Create Customized Racks and Storage

The flexible design of tube.tracker allows users to define customized rack types without requiring the involvement of IT or the vendor (us). There are no restrictions to the size and number of custom racks. tube.tracker can also support dimensionless storage units such as boxes, bags, and files. Racks are aggregated into containers. Containers, typically, are fixed storage locations like central storage or freezers, but tube.tracker also allows users to aggregate racks into other containers such as cars, planes, and coolers.

Enter Specimen IDs

Enter Specimens

Specimen IDs are entered through our streamlined, easy-to-use interface. Both barcode and keyboard entry methods are supported. If required, notes can be attached to a specimen.

Barcode scan testtubes

Barcode Entry

We highly recommend using a barcode scanner to efficiently enter specimens. tube.tracker is designed to dovetail with your existing systems and infrastructure. In most cases, your existing barcode scanners should work with tube.tracker.