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Start Tracking and Searching Effectively

tube.tracker helps your lab manage specimens with ease by entering each tube into a customized rack type. By using either a keyboard or barcode scanner, the user can input the specimen IDs into the application. To find your specimen, simply enter the ID and find exactly where the tube is. You'll see who entered the tube, what time it was entered, and most importantly, where it is.

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tube tracker security


tube.tracker uses the same SSL encryption that
banks use. We also offer 4 tiers of user security to allow you to customize what access is needed per user in your organization.

tube tracker requires no maintenance

Zero Maintenance

tube.tracker requires no software installation and runs anywhere with an internet connection and modern web-browser. By utilizing our hardware, you avoid server costs and maintenance.

Scan tube quickly with tube tracker

Quick & Easy

After defining your rack types, tube.tracker remembers your lab setup to increase efficiency. We recommend using barcode readers to scan tubes into the system faster than by keyboard alone.

Define Your Lab

Do you use different rack sizes in your lab? Do you have a variety of storage containers? tube.tracker makes entering specimens into different rack sizes easy. Just define your rack types and sizes once, and tube.tracker will remember it for you.

The same goes for different containers. You can define as many storage containers as you wish. Containers can include different refrigerators in your lab, or even multiple locations.

It is amazing the positive response this tool has elicited... not only has it sped up specimen retrieval, it has eliminated the frustration associated with specimen tracking. The users actually seem to enjoy the process of locating specimens.

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